Dj Weddings – Wedding Party

Marriage is a party… 

… The most important of your life

Have you thought about everything?

The dress… the wedding rings… the photos… The restaurant…

And the music?

Music is the soundtrack

of every unforgettable moment

And if accompanied by the right animation

An assured entertainment!!!

Our thoughts

At the base of our intent lies the professionalism, the experience of years and the love for what we do…

Today it is easy to improvise animators, DJs or singers, for this you need to rely on professional music for weddings and not at the first that happens!!!

About us

Piero Pi Dj Weddings is born artistically 20 years ago.

Eclectic, Dj animator and Vocalist out of the classical standards.

There is no situation of animation that has not successfully tackled, thanks to its character and extrovered..
It proposes all the music that goes for the major, from the house to the fabulous years ‘ 70 and ‘ 80, national and international Revival, with the guarantee of being able to make dance young and not young.

It was probably one of the first animators after Fiorello to bring the Karaoke in the squares and in the premises proposing it in a brilliant and fast way.

He has worked and still works in the best clubs and discos of the Marches collaborating also with the names of the most famous DJs and speakers of the moment. In recent years he has been involved in the organization and animation on board the Mini-cruises of superfast.


The most beautiful pictures…

Here you can see some pictures of our wedding music. If you will please post some photos of yours too.


What do we do?

… This is the question that is most often addressed to animation weddings…

We try to understand the people we face, and according to this we choose the right kind of animation….

Karaoke… Dance… Jokes… The most important thing is to understand the right moment in which to do it, respecting the times of the kitchen and the requests of the spouses.


Piero Pi Cell. + 393471889000
info@animazionematrimoni.it Email

To learn more and to know the prices of wedding animation, please contact us by email or make us a simple phone call.

Do not forget to indicate the date, the place and whether the reception will be at lunch or dinner.

If we are already committed, we are able to provide you with names of our valid and trusted collaborators.